David Thompson + Ann Wilby

10 children
Birth: before March 30, 1840 22 19Aldwacke, Yorkshire, England
Birth: John Wilby Thompson was most likely born at his grandparents home, George amd Elizabeth (Thorpe) Wilby, who lived in Alwarke at that time. His mother Ann was their daughter.about 1840 22 18Aldwarke, Yorkshire, England
Death: John passed away at the Royal Hospital Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. His son Charles was present at his death. A sad time for his loved ones. He left a legacy of good works toward others. He saved many lives from the waters.September 18, 1914Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Birth: March 18, 1842Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Death: The life of a courageous good father and man had now slipped away. A sad day for his family. William Theodore died of Typhoid Fever. His Legacy and sacrifices, will long be remembered by us , his decendants.January 10, 1911Greenville, Beaver, Utah USA
Birth: Edwin Arthur was also known asApril 1844 26 23Mexborough, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Death: May 31, 1906Riding, Northumberland, England
Birth: New Holland, Yorkshire, England is close to Masbrough and Kimberworth, and is a part of Rotherham Registeration District.December 7, 1846 29 25New Holland, Yorkshire, England
Death: It is possible he passed away in New Holland or Masbrough Bridge in Masbrough. David and Ann's place of residence in March of 1850 was Masbrough Bridge in Masbrough, Kimberworth.January 1850Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Birth: New Holland, Yorkshire, England was a part of Rotherham Registration District. It was close to Masbrough and Kimberworth. Also known as Polly to her loved ones and friends.January 10, 1848 30 26New Holland, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Death: December 1918Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Birth: 1850 32 28Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Death: George Henry, husband and father passed away at 7:00P.M. 19 June 1927. Death Certificate, State Of New York, USA #34885 Register#155. Informer,Calvin T. Paxon, son-in-law. He died of a heart Ailment. It states his occ. as a painter and decorator.June 19, 1927Lockport, Niagara, New York, United States
Birth: Harriet's family were living in Masbrough, Kimberworth. A part of Rotherham Registration District, in Yorkshire, England.July 1854 37 33Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Death: March 14, 1856Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Birth: baptism/christening date: 20 Aug 1854 baptism/christening place: Rotherham, York, England father David Thompson mother: Ann indexing project (batch) No: I01629-5 system origin: England-EASy source film number: 6344012 Ref: familysearch.orgAugust 20, 1854 37 33Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Death: Thomas was laid to rest in the David Thompson Family Plot, in the Moorgate Cemetery, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England. Thomas died from complications from the measles at 3 yrs old. Harriet 2 yrs old, died in March. How sad it must have been for the family.May 12, 1856Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Birth: May 21, 1817 36 32Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Death: These were sad times for the children of David and Ann. Ann had passed away in June and now their father. The death records state that David was an Inkeeper. John Wilby and Wm Theodore worked the family Pleasure Boat business after his death.July 3, 1876Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Birth: John's Birth at this time can only be assumed by 1 source--the Tombstone Inscription stating his age as 53 years of age at his death in 1834. Other references haven't been found at this point.1781Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Death: March 5, 1834Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire, England
Birth: February 7, 1821Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Death: Ann Wilby Thompson, Beloved wife and mother passed from this life on June 16, 1876. The heart and sunshine of their home had gone. Her presence sorely missed by family and loved ones.June 16, 1876Rotherham, Yorkshire, England

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1839 MARRIAGE: Certified Copy of An Entry Of Marriage: Application #R411590. The Certificate reads as follows:
April 29, 1839